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Residential Installations

As a locally-owned, family-run solar company that’s been converting Upstate homes to solar for the past decade, the team at Detail Solar is the perfect provider to install your new solar system. We only work with the industry’s leading manufacturers, and every member of our team is highly skilled and expertly trained to get your new solar system installed the right way.

We’ll help you identify the solar needs of your property and guide you to the optimal solution for your home. And when it comes to the installation, we don’t overlook a single detail. That’s why in the ten years we’ve been doing this, we’ve never had a customer complain about leaks on their roof.

Man Installing Solar Panel On Roof

Residential Upgrades

Many Upstate homes are already taking advantage of solar energy, but it’s not uncommon for a homeowner’s needs to change. Luckily, Detail Solar can help you upgrade your system to meet those changing needs.

Are you currently taking advantage of net metering but want to add backup battery storage for complete energy independence? Or maybe you need more energy and want to add extra solar panels to provide more power to your home. Regardless of what changes you want to make to your solar system, our team can help.

We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers to offer you the best panels, backup batteries, and inverters. We can do an inspection of your property and have a conversation about what you want to achieve with your solar system, and then we will custom design a solution to make that a reality.

Solar Panels On Roof

Repair and Replace

Just like any other technology, solar systems aren’t impervious to issues. The technology can age over time and exposure to the elements can lead to problems. When that happens, you need a provider you can rely on.

Detail Solar offers solar repair services and replacements for faulty equipment. No matter what problem your system is facing, our highly-trained team can diagnose the issue and provide the perfect solution to get you running again.

As a locally-owned and family-run business, we always stand by our work, so you can have the peace of mind knowing you’ll always have a trusted partner to reach out to for any future needs.

Solar Panel On Ground


Even the most perfectly installed system can experience issues from time to time, and unless you’re an expert on your system, diagnosing those error codes can seem overwhelming. That’s where the team here at Detail Solar comes in.

If your inverter is failing, the equipment isn’t producing the amount of energy it should, or your panels were recently hit by a storm, let our experts help you fix your system. We’re trained and certified on most major equipment and can offer our expertise to find the problem and offer a professional solution to ensure your solar panels are operating at peak efficiency. Even if we did not install your panels, we’re happy to help.

No matter what problems your system’s facing, we’re confident our team of experts can find the best solution for you.

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